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Environmental Activism in Southern LA - The pen of enlightenment in a state of disrepair. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Environmental Activism in Southern LA [Jul. 11th, 2004|07:22 am]
I heard this on the radio this morning, and being as it is a local effort to perserve and restore wetlands in my area, I thought I would share the link with you all.
CloseMRGO.org is the web address.
Just a little back ground, the MRGO is a 76 mile long 76-mile long man-made navigation channel connecting the Gulf of Mexico to the Port of New Orleans' Inner Harbor Navigation Canal in eastern New Orleans. Construction was originally authorized by Congress in the River and Harbor Act of 1956 and completed in 1965. The MRGO is a shorter route to New Orleans than the Mississippi River. The MRGO provides deep-draft, ocean-going vessels with access to the Port of New Orleans' Inner Harbor Navigation Canal (IHNC) wharves. Deep-draft ships cannot get to the inner harbor from the Mississippi River because they cannot fit through the existing Industrial Canal Lock, which is 31.5 feet deep and 75 feet wide.

Basically in order to maintain this outlet cost the city millions of dollars a year, and it is devasting the regional wetlands. In addition to the environmental concern of the outlet, it is also a diaster waiting to happen, carving away at the natural wetland that protect the area from storm surges from Hurricans. The next big Hurricane to hit the New Orleans area will in effect decimate the area, and this outlet happens to be one of the main routes to ruin, channeling in flood water to overtake the area.

Please help the ccmrgo Organizaion in writing letters to congress to close this pricey environmental disater. There are letters provided on their website that you can print out and send to Congress.

From: evolution_lies
2004-07-11 01:19 pm (UTC)
To anyone who reads this:

Are you sick of having your hard earned money taken from you before you even get your paycheck?

Join me in repealing the job-destroying monstrosity known as the IRS. Join me in ensuring that people who live below or at the poverty line don't have to pay any taxes at all! Join me to live in freedom!

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