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Another Letter to Clarion Ledger. Lets see if it makes it in. - The pen of enlightenment in a state of disrepair. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Another Letter to Clarion Ledger. Lets see if it makes it in. [Jun. 29th, 2004|02:31 pm]


One problem hindering our ‘war’ is a refusal to account for the other side’s motives. Perhaps we fear that if we did, we would have to question our own.
Those Southerners who still think of the Civil War should understand this.
Many believe the North simply wanted to destroy the Southern economy, covering the war with emancipationist rhetoric, and saying that the South would be better off after being completely destroyed. We are still living in that shadow.
The destruction of slavery is the most positive act in our nation’s history, but there is a downside. The North, motivated by money and power and not concern for the enslaved, did not set up a proper system to educate and empower those who lived for hundreds of years in bondage with no education or family structure.
Our current ‘race’ relations would be better off if we accepted the effects of slavery, and the era immediately following; share cropping and Jim Crow.
To parallel the Civil War, we would do better now to recognize that while it is good that Hussein is out of power, a war fought for economic ends is a war against the American poor (who are over-represented in low levels of the military), and the common Iraqi people for the sake of the powerful who stand to make money. Will we let history repeat?
Bin Laden understands us better than we understand him. He should, since we trained and armed him to fight the Soviets. Many feel that the US is carrying out worldwide policies to destroy Islam, through our engulfing economy, culture and military.
Our government billed Bin Laden’s network as ‘freedom fighters’ while killing the Soviets. They still see themselves as such while killing Americans.
According to Bin Laden, “The American imposes himself on everyone. Americans accuse our children in Palestine of being terrorists . . . At the same time, Americans defend a country, the state of the Jews, that has a policy to destroy the future of these children . . . Everywhere else they (US) went where Muslims lived, all they did was kill children and occupy Muslim land."
Bin Laden sees American expansion, American support for Isreal, America’s middle east oil interests, and the ‘wars’ against Iraq and terrorism as a war against Allah and Allah’s people.
His army is among those who have seen their families slaughtered in Palestine and Iraq.
The only way to fight terrorism would be for our Government to fundamentally change. If our policies were truly based on a concern for people living under oppression, this would be evident. Currently, it is about money and greed, with shallow attempts to make it look differently. We must prove to Islam that we care about freedom more than money. Sadly, they are too smart to believe our current lies.
I am not exalting Bin Laden or terrorist activity, but recognize that we would do better to understand the reasons behind such action. A hatred of our freedom just doesn’t cut it.