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[Mar. 26th, 2006|10:26 pm]


Activist Pen-pals
Its been a long day. I feel ya. It seems like you are the ONLY person working for social change in your conservative town and/or campus. What you need right now is a great mix tape or a letter from a pen-pal who shares the same struggles or has experienced a community where what you are fighting for actually exist. Enter in ‘Activist Pen-pals’. I know that if I had received a letter from a stranger after only 5 people came to my feminist meeting, it would have made my night a little better. It takes sooo much strength to be a southern activist, because at times you feel so isolated. The thing is we don’t have to be so isolated! We can connect with people in the south and outside of the south who also hope to see a day where all forms of oppression have been defeated.
Here is my idea: Tell me what you think!
I’m putting out the word to activist outside the south that we need some pen-pals. We need people to send us some rad mix tapes, crafts, stories, inspirational words etc. They can’t expect us to return the favor, because we have very busy lives (though if you have the time please send yur new friend a letter).
Are you in?
All I need from you is the following:
(1) Yur name (real or fake)
(2) Address/p.o. box
(3) Type of activism (if you have multiple include all)
This is a new type of pen-pal relationship!
I will email you and inform you that you have been matched up with someone. If they do not send you something in at least a month and a half LET ME KNOW! After that I will let you and yur pen-pal have fun!
Let me know if you have any questions/concerns/comments or if you want to sign up!!
Dana rae