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March in/for New Orleans [Dec. 6th, 2005|03:00 pm]


ATTENTION: Activists in Louisiana and Mississippi

Rally at the Convention Center and March over the Crescent City
Connection bridge to Gretna's Oakridge Mall

Monday, Nov. 7 Rally at 10:00 AM, March to follow

New Orleans Convention Center, 900 Convention Boulevard, New Orleans

Bring signs with you, especially homemade signs and the NOW rounds
that say "Stop Racism NOW."

***In the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, New Orleans authorities
instructed people to evacuate the city by crossing the Crescent City
Connection Bridge into the city of Gretna. Hundreds of Katrina
survivors, mostly African American, attempted to take this route and
were met by armed Gretna police who had reportedly been ordered by the
police chief to seal off the bridge, denying safe passage to evacuees.
According to eyewitnesses, police officers fired shots in the
direction of the crowd and held some at gunpoint.

On Monday, Nov. 7, we will join together with community activists and
citizens displaced by Katrina and cross the very bridge that desperate
evacuees were prevented from crossing. In doing so, we will send a
message to the police that their actions were unacceptable and
inexcusable, and that people are willing to stand up against racism.

People who were already living in poverty in New Orleans before
Katrina have been met with indifference by our government. They
deserve better - they deserve jobs, housing and a role in the
reconstruction of their homes and communities.

We will march for freedom and civil rights on Nov. 7, 2005. And we
will keep marching until election day Nov. 7, 2006.