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Perserve the Wetlands [May. 27th, 2004|04:15 pm]
Wetlands are some of the most endangered environments on the planent today, and our fine state of Mississippi just happens to the the site of much of the natural wetlands environment. Salt marshes such as the ones seen on the way to New Orleans and along the Alabama coast once florished on our own coast until the 1930s, when the wetlands protecting the coast were destoryed and unnatural sandy beach made from imported sand replaced it, which cost costal residents millions of dollars to maintain.
Futhermore, since the introduction of legal gambling to our state, the Army Corps of engineers have carelessly distrubted permits for casion building on the already fragile and damage coastal habitats of the area. For more info on that click here

Among some of the newer projects to be given the go a head include the Circus Casino which intends to plow down 83 acres of forest land and wetlands in place of a new resort in north shore of St. Louis bay in Harrison county.
There are sevearl other projects that threaten the wetlands of MS, which you can view in the document above. I feel that concerned students of MS need get together and write our local senators reguarding this matter, and look further into when these projects intend to happen, so we could set up protests in the area.